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l. let them kick it out to durant. >> mike: meanwhile, he has a decision to make, put dwight howard back in with five fouls? he did. >> jeff: it's a difficult decision because it's not just about this game. but it's about trying to find this guy figure forward. and i find it's the right decision. from a defense rebounding standpoint. >> mike: bryant, nash, gasol, howard, and world peace. shot clock at seven. bryant, gasol looking for bryant, three to shoot, puts it up. way short. coming up on two minutes remaining. deandre liggins, westbrook, off the mark again. 6 for 22 now. what a victory this would be for the lakers as they try to keep that consistency going. bryant inside, left-handed, lays it in. and the lead back up to six. >> jeff: that is very close to a five-second call on the vacuum. he had that ball in his hands, back to the basket below the free-throw line. a very, very long time. >> mike: world peace getting aggressive. durant draws a foul. world peace just a little overaggressive. durant will shoot two free-throws. world peace is always going to body up. durant does a
challenging. >> mike nicco, "abc 7 news" meteorologist. >> our microclimates are changing. our warmest months of the year andhs, itst months, it has to do with the microclimates. >> spencer christian, "abc 7 news" weather. >> a typical winter scene would be several consecutive days of heavy rain that would produce flooding, mudslides, road closures outapower outages. ♪ ♪ >> one of the most recent lightning storms, we had over 200 lightning strikes showing up. over the last two decades i've covered weather, i don't remember the lightning storms being that intense. >> the extremity of the weather takes an upturn. we had four storms in seven days, that is unprecedented. we haven't seen that much rain in a long time. >> back in the december 1995, it was a ten on the index. it was recorded in 63 years now. with that storm, we saw wind gusts on angel island up to 93 miles an hour. on the peaks over hundred miles an hour. they blow down trees and power lines and you have flooding. you have all those impacts. >> lisa argen, "abc 7 news" meteorologist. >> we are seeing early storms and warmer stor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2